Worldwide RPS

This is Daniel's playground version of RPS built in Unity WebGL
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1,000,000+ players all on the same day!

The goal is to get over 1,000,000 players to compete in one gigantic RPS tournament all on the same day.
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Less than 20 rounds... one-in-a-million

It takes less than 20 rounds to find the one-in-a-million winner!
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  • I currently only have a "King of Iowa" badge, but today's the day I get a WorldWideEmperor badge!
    Captain Morgan
  • I love how my first few rounds are always with my nearby friends - then we watch whoever wins to see how far they go!
    Jack Daniels
  • I can't wait for WorldWideFlappy next month.
    Fergie "Fireball" Patterson

Robots. Losers from the human tournament play Robots to get back in.

During the tournament window you have to beat a geometrically increasing army of robots to get back in the human game. Start against 3, but if you lose again you have to beat 7 robots to get back in. Then 15.... then 31...!
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Game on!

Bring IT
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Hail world emperor - your rock fists have smashed the world!

Done now.

They're Watching

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Lower Your Shields

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Resistance is Futile

You must play this game.

Project Lead: Guy Incognito

Senior Paper Engineer

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